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okay we've been a way for TOO long, perhaps it would best to wrap this blog up. as my last semester is done, and start a new post-collegiate bLog, something equally links happy with references to my work. once i come up with a snappy name. i'll be back

in the meantime, i've rediscovered my love for all things Pixelated, perhaps it's the the slickly rendered world of OSX or just too much time on my hands, but check out electrICONland and find yourself immersed in the Pixel Community.


An old and (in light of these events) unfortunately lost friend from dear old U.Va. has started a Web-based arts journal of growing importance. Check out Drunken Boat, now, I'll wait.


2,003 Ideas for Future Projects

0001. Eat only beets for a week. Document red urine/feces.
0002. Recreate Kline's Leap Into a Void
0003. Count and mark all the manhole covers in a neighborhood as evidence of an underground culture.
0004. Follow a stranger; invent their life/day's story based on the places visited/people talked to.
0005. Follow a squirrel around for a day.
0006. Wear different (but identical) pairs of shoes every day for a month.
0007. Record myself sleeping.
0008. Send a postcard a day to all of the "E's" in a phonebook. Say, "My last name begins with "E" too.
0009. Take a group. Analyze their cellphone usage in terms of location/geography. Create a map out of this information.
0010. Walk between 2 personally significant points like NJ to IL.
0011. Walk between Virginia and California. Do Anthro fieldwork on the way to the midpoint. Switch to art-based work at that point.
0012. A sound piece out of a national assortment of the recorded messages on public transit.
0013. Associate a DV of electronic side boards.
0014. A community cookbook/storybook where the recipes are organized in terms of the associated stories not in terms of types of dishes.
0015. Throw myself a party. Sleep through it.
0016. Start a band where no one knows his/her instrument.
0017. A sound project in rules of 20 seconds 20s selecting the songs from the bargain bin at Virginia, 20s of each song, etc. etc
0018. Keep a journal of every meal eaten in a year.
0019. Invite someone famous to Thanksgiving dinner every year. Set a place for them, fire of an angry/hurt note when they don't show up.
0020. Invent a subculture around someone's bad bathroom graf.
0021. Time my morning pees.
0022. Start an art movement.
0023. Time/log my morning showers.
0024. Time/log commute.
0025. Create an interactive web-based system for controlling my daily routine ...
0026. ... clothing choices ...
0027. ... life plans ....
0028. Produce a daily zine, distribute (for a year).
0029. Seek/solicite clothing sponsors.
0030. Wear a monochromatic colored outfit each day for a month, rotate through the colors in a set order.
0031. Act out the plots to all AFI Top 100 movies with hand puppets.
0032. Sell a month's worth of daily outfits on eBay.
0033. Party like its 1999.
0034. Send myself postcards each time I remember a painful memory.
0035. Document the degrading of a new pair of shoes.
0036. Make those pictures into a video piece.
0037. Learn latin, translate an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Perform it live.
0038. Label everything on a daily route with Post-It notes.
0039. Create a Max/MSP patch which slowly degenerates a specific recorded phrase over an extended period.
0040. Create a flow chart of my entire life.
0041. Read a Futurist manifesto five times simultaneously.
0042. Diagram every piece of writing from 4th grade, overlay them into a single image.
0043. Unravel each days outfit, document, for a month.
0044. Compose a duet for 2 videogame consoles.
0045. Work at a bank, assume a new identity (same name), document that year.
0046. Sell cars ...
0047. ... join a pyramid marketing program, document.
0048. A single frame interval record of my bedroom for a year.
0049. Playback at different speeds/lengths.
0050. Go on an orgy of meat eating. Document the ensuing sickness.
0051. Document the orgy of eating.
0052. Walk from SF to LA. Hand a flower to the first person I see in LA.
0053. Pack lunches for an elementary school and a bank.
0054. Walk from LA to SF hand $100 to the first person I see in SF.
0055. Pay the expired parking meters for several blocks. Leave them a note: "Your parking was sponsored by ...."
0056. Convince an entire neighborhood to change their porch lights to pink.
0057. Offer to sign my autograph outside of a randomly chosen concert.
0058. Fall off a moving car.
0059. Pick a store. Protest about the font choice of its logo.
0060. Watch only Spanish language TV/movies. See if I can learn the language.
0061. Make bologna sandwiches for every member of Congress.
0062. Close-caption gay porn.
0063. Buy new shoes for total strangers.
0064. Convert my entire life to metric.
0065. Work to convince small towns to convert to metric as a way of connecting to a new international future.
0066. Photograph each meal, animate.
0067. Send myself a postcard each time I forget/can't remember something.
0068. Count all the people I see in a day.
0069. Document something about each person I see in a day.
0070. Convince a state's legislature to celebrate an artist's birthday as a state holiday.
0071. Write a book about a nonfamous, unremarkable person.
0072. Transcribe/document every conversation I have in a day.
0073. Diagram the transcriptions. Display that as a piece.
0074. Eat desert first.
0075. Reverse meals for a week.
0076. Keep a journal of colors.
0077. Take the peeing project piece into other cities.
0078. Map image analysis data to my medical data.
0079. Control a kinetic piece through data sent from a remote location.
0080. Lead another group on a trash pick-up walk.
0081. Organize a block party.
0082. Invite people to help me brainstorm.
0083. Create an abstract video piece out of closed caption glitches (live-recorded types and transmission errors) from TV.
0084. Advocate for better typography.
0085. Show all the AFI Top 100 movies backwards, nonstop at double speed.
0086. Explore interlanguage communication between Naoki and I.
0087. Make Super-8 porn.
0088. Make a Super-8 film loop of masturbation that never climaxes.
0089. A video piece from hundreds of close-up images of a body, slowly moving across the skin.
0090. Organize an elementary school class into documenting its opinions.
0091. Take men's dress shirts, screen print multi-syllabic post-modern theoretical terms.
0092. Create and distribute a video zine.
0093. Create and distribute a zine about the first word said each day.
0094. Document first word said everyday.
0095. Document first thought everyday.
0096. Collect community cookbooks. Make an entire meal from different books. Serve to a group of people. Name the meals/pieces after the cookbook.
0097. Transform my body through a strict workout regime, document the change.
0098. Let myself go, document the change back down.
0099. Copy all the work of a single artist, poorly.
0100. Sign tooth pick boxes.
0101. Create a zine of counting data projects on toothpick boxes.
0102. Create a 16mm piece of still images of pianos.
0103. Organize salons.
0104. Pick a public figure; ask to walk a mile in their shoes, literally.
0105. Stand in a commercial/financial area (any city) hand out words.
0106. Ask for the the words back at the end of the day.
0107. Keep journal of my meds experience, publish as a zine.
0108. Start a magazine.
0109. Send a postcard apology to anyone I can think that I should.
0110. Start a video chain letter.
0111. Create tape graffiti art.
0112. Cruise for sex South of Market; develop a sound piece of conversations had.
0113. Cruise a known cruising area. Create a still image piece of the movements.
0114. Throw each word in order of the Futurist Manifesto from a moving car/train.
0115. Try to join the Army/Navy/Air Force, document.
0116. Animate the entire 1970s-1980s family slide collection.
0117. Document television placement in a large sampling of people.
0118. Analyze the stories on a single day's newspaper's front page. Connect them into a piece.
0119. Document countertop order/disorder in bathrooms/kitchens for a large sampling of people.
0120. Create a flow chart of my education.
0121. Throw a conceptual party.
0122. Quit making art. Send out announcements.
0123. Lead a tour of my sexual history.
0124. Read aloud silent movie scripts.
0125. Get a tattoo of my circle drawings.
0126. Convince other people to tattoo my name on themselves.
0127. Invent a cult.
0128. Promote the work of an unknown artist I don't know.
0129. Throw a West Coast party.
0130. Go for as long as I can without sleeping.
0131. Make conceptual art from an ethnography.
0132. Incorporate anthropological theory into art.
0133. Explore BART as a concept.
0134. Go to every BART station. Document who first makes eye contact.
0135. Compare prices at stores near BART stations.
0136. Create a fully interactive BART map with the information.
0137. Visit every state capital. Take basically the same picture.
0138. Develop another bad habit. Try to unlearn it.
0139. Collect and document city maps.
0140. Collect and document dictionaries.
0141. Learn to cook in metric. Make only metric meals from then on.
0142. Document my 1980s American tourist brochure collection.
0143. Animate the collection.
0144. Become a notary public.
0145. Certify my recorded/counting works.
0146. Document definitions of justice.
0147. Give out personalized trophies to unsuspecting people for unusual things.
0148. Develop bad food ideas. Publish as a cookbook.
0149. Document definitions of truth.
0150. Inject tomatoes with vodka, serve.
0151. Incite a riot about the color red.
0152. Hunt down a criminal.
0153. Make a monumental sculpture out of peeps.
0154. Steal ideas from other artists.
0155. Build a model out of Hydrox.
0156. Record all of the inane trivia I know.
0157. Join a band as the tambourine player.
0158. Franchise my name.
0159. Trademark my name.
0160. Sell my name.
0161. Crash a party at a retirement community, document.
0162. Decorate cupcakes with curse words, give out.
0163. Make a mountain out of a molehill.
0164. Sign $2000 in $1 bills. Introduce into circulation.
0165. Use only $2 bills thereby reintroducing into a local circulation.
0166. Press forward.
0167. Make haste.
0168. Learn to decorate cakes. Spell out "I feel" statements about my paste.
0169. Decorate cakes with headlines from tabloids.
0170. Create and distribute press releases about my daily food choices.
0171. Hold a press conference on a difficult decision.
0172. Start wearing a monocle.
0173. Send out annual greetings for the Ides of March.
0174. Sending out annual greetings for random holidays.
0175. Decorate the interior of a cubicle with hot-pink fur.
0176. Ambush a lobby interior; redecorate.
0177. Gaudily decorate my house for random holidays.
0178. Join a religious "cult" (be saved) then get deprogrammed.
0179. Hatch a who/hoo.
0180. Go on a warpath.
0181. Take idioms literally; document.
0182. Re-animate a movie using photo copies.
0183. Write a song about my love of reading.
0184. Ask for autographs of concert goers outside of various concerts. Collect, document, repeat.
0185. Start a similar collection outside of McDonald's.
0186. Be a Cassandra protest the end of (the world?) every morning during rush hour.
0187. FaKe my own death.
0188. Fake my own fame.
0189. Promote long-distance swimming as conceptual art.
0190. Start a floating utopia.
0191. Develop a wrestling persona.
0192. Develop an alternate Mexican wrestling persona.
0193. Promote neighborhood boxing through video.
0194. Make/produce a documentary on an AIDS services organization.
0195. Animate photos of AIDS meds.
0196. Animated photos of the houses in which I've lived.
0197. Animate the "first day of school" photos from my childhood.
0198. Fashion made form colored tape.
0199. Letter-pressed version of my uncle's eulogy of my grandfather.
0200. Finish memorial painting of my grandfather with grandmother.
0201. Next time invite participation.
0202. A Post-It note tree of all the ideas in my notebooks.
0203. An interactive web version of idea project(s).
0204. A wheat-pasting project.
0205. A wheat-pasted journal/zine.
0206. A wheat-pasted thought for the day.
0207. Merge two rival art schools.


Stats used in first trial of a 27/M b5/3/74

Left 89% at 85 dB: 1/10/02
Please Note: Terminology for flow cell analysis has been updated.
July 19: CD4,702; viral load, 140,703
Subsequent surgery removed most but not all of the tumor, sacrificing the 8th cranial nerve.
Test results per milliliter.
Total Lymphocyte count at 1,800: 8/6/01
At about 10 years of age, Mr. Edwards developed a 3rd nerve palsy in his left eye, resulting in ptosis.
Aurical Tone Audiometer
11/1/99: CD4/CD8 ratio,1.44
A small calcium deposit was note on the 3rd nerve.
Collection date and time: 11/24/1999 2:05p
Report date: 12/23/1999 2:52pm
The results are from an improved version of the HIV-1 RNA bDNA assay.
July 19: white blood count, 6.1
3/16/01: Calcium,10.1
The authorization for the use or disclosure of medical information is being requested of you to comply with the terms of the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act of 1981, Section 56, et seq., California Civil Code.
The patient is new to this clinic.
5/2/01: CD4, 627; Viral load, 190,263
HIV Antibody Test Results
Final Interpretation: Postive
July 19: Red blood count, 4.3
Stimulus Tone: Pure Tone
Sodium, 143
This test was developed and its performance characteristics were determined by the Bayer Reference Testing Laboratory.
Red cell distribution width, 13.8
The patient agreed with the treatment plan.


Codex 2: 5 Projects : Friday Project (5)

2,003 Ideas for Future Projects

Wherein, I brainstorm art after college at a rate of 6.68 ideas per minute.

I need ideas. And I need them fast. In 5 hours, I'll need to come up with 400 ideas a minute. Perhaps I'll have to start earlier than 11. The bLog and the space will coexist as a holding ground in this day long brainstorming session.


Codex 2: 5 Projects : Thursday Project (4)

Your Own Private Hell

Wherein, I argue against the positions to which you subscribe most dearly.

Bring an opinion. I'll argue against it. No sacred cows. Expect both pop theory and raw emotion. Frustration will abound. Come hate yourself for an hour.


Codex 2: 5 Projects : Wednesday Project (3)

Wish You Were Here

Wherein through the magic of television, Californians send postcards from the Wisconsin Dells.

Andrew and I present the Wisconsin Dells to the people of the Left Coast. Postcards and video footage meet to simulate the vacation documentation experience. Participants enter a video shoot, write an actual postcard and record audio/video postcards from the Wisconsin Dells, where they've presumably have never been. Escape to Wisconsin, here in Oakland!


Codex 2: 5 Projects : Tuesday Project (2)

Acme/tc., the Store

Wherein, a store is opened, feted and closed of handmade multiples by us and others.

Amber and Christopher announce, Acme/tc. is finally open! Acme/tc. is going out of business! The beginning and end of our business cycle, fiscal year and careers as independent entrepreneurs. Bringing you our junk refashioned as handmade multiples — books, t-shirts, stickers and more!


Codex 2: 5 Projects : Monday Project (1)

1,974 Circles

Wherein, I draw 1,974 circles in the course of a day and erase and paint over them by the evening.

My simple doodles at long last leave the 2-D world of my notebooks and head into the space around me. Beginning with the number equal to the year in which I was born. After this day, the project will finally move into the non-gallery environment on going, documented and continuing from 1,975 on up.

Finally, a Yiddish dictionary at a stripper site. Oy vey.

Codex 2: 5 Projects further examines an exploded sketchbook. In Codex, I took 5 walls in a gallery and assigned to them timed drawings. One hour was the shortest; eight hours was the longest. The name came from Beuys from DaVinci — a connection drawn by a similar desire to encode in a sketchbook theoretical investigations as well as simply aesthetic concerns. From the cosmos to the human body, DaVinci was curious about more than just art as was Beuys.

I'm not cocky enough to think that I'm on par with either of these greats. So my apologies to both men for ripping them off. I'm curious about the idea of the sketchbook though. And the ways in which these past examples were presented. DaVinci's was discovered tucked away in some old Italian library in the 1960s. Beuys made his in response and sold it in multiples. Both were hand made; however, DaVinci's was intended to be a completely private affair, while Beuys toyed with notions of mass production and private vs. public. Beuys drawings, doodles and notes are almost completely unintelligable to anyone but him. Yet, they were sold to a public. (Although, hardly the masses. Each one was sold at prices in the thousands.)

Sketchbooks have increasingly become public endeavors — presented as part of portfolios, shown in galleries and in retrospectives in museums. As artists have explored exposing processes, perhaps the notion of mystery and privacy in technique in practice are being lost to an audience that now wants to know how.

The sketchbook as a performance then is the complete loss of private practice. It's also transforms the two-dimensions into four. The extra two dimensions that the audience asks to see when it asks, "How?"

But how does a performance sketchbook look like? How does a performance artist sketch? Where do I experiment and launch larger investigations?

this bLog is a compendium on my thoughts on my art and work for Fall02, my last semester at the California College of Arts and Crafts

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States
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